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  • "Highly recommend! Brilliant customer service too, run by people who go the extra mile and care about what they do." - Rebecca K

  • "Finally stopped to get a small box of goodies yesterday. SO glad that I did! This is some seriously high quality chocolate." - Jody W.

  • "Good job." - My Mom

  • "Five out of Five Stars. It was ok." - Actual Google Review

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No Tricks, Just Treats.

Shortbread cookies made from scratch, layered with caramel and the highest quality chocolate. Your move, grocery-store-checkout-area.

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Heavenly Chocolate?

Hey that's still us! We changed our name 'cause we got sick of getting mail for the 27 other "Heavenly Chocolate"s out there. Don't worry - we didn't move or touch those classic recipes (I'm still finding stuff with Bud's handwriting).

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Honeycomb. Candy.

The only cult following that doesn't have an HBO docuseries. Our signature bubbly toffee in dark chocolate alongside our rosemary toffee in milk chocolate. Salty, sweet, and crunchy all in one.

Gimme gimme gimme gimme

We're passionate about what we do. We're loud, we're fiesty, and never do things "just because."

  • We never cheap out.

    We use organic and local ingredients *first* when developing new recipes, along with the most expensive and ethically sourced chocolate out there.

  • We take care of our team.

    Our crew takes home a living wage, floating PTO, and no-questions-asked sick time Y'know -- basic stuff we should all get.

  • We learned from the best.

    We've got years of experience across the culinary landscape from chocolatiers, coffee roasters, goat farmers, cheesemakers...

  • We know how to have fun.

    We never take ourselves or our creations too seriously. We'll appreciate single-origin tasting notes and crush birthday cake in the same day.