Hi! We're Firetype Chocolate! We're dedicated to making signature truffles and caramels by hand in-house making for unforgettable confections. We take a playful approach to chocolate making, creating distinct flavors with colorful designs to showcase the possibilities of chocolate. We started as "Heavenly Chocolate", a passion project of Bud Stockwell back in 2007 and grew into our own independent shop inside Thornes Marketplace in downtown Northampton MA. We're now owned by former manager, Dan McKenney. Dan has acquired an extensive background working in chocolate, studying under SoFi and Good Food Award winning confectioners and helping to open shops in the re-designed World Trade Center, The Oculus. His work includes collaborations with the IBM Watson supercomputer and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Lots of reasons! Many folks only knew us as "the chocolate shop in Thornes," while many others accidentally emailed us when they meant to reach out to one of the dozens of other HCs out in the world (shoutout to the one that went on TV and caused my inbox to be flooded for months). But truthfully, we kinda feel like we outgrew it? Separating the chocolate shop from the grocery store and becoming owned by former employees...it's like a baby bird leaving the nest and embracing it's punk phase. We're loud. We're trouble makers. We read the room, see the vibe stinks, and change it. We're Firetypes.

And please know that for all of us who worked the booth, covered bathroom breaks, did open-close holidays, and folded Valentine's boxes for days...we'll always call it Heavenly in our hearts.

We are located on the Main Level of Thornes Marketplace. If driving to town, set your GPS for 85 Hampton Ave in Northampton MA and follow the signs to the EJ Gare Parking Garage. There is a skybridge that will bring you into the building and we're the first shop you see! There is also metered parking available in several lots and meters along the streets. We do not validate parking -- sorry!

Our chocolates taste best when eaten within a week or two, but can last up to a month or more depending on filling. Store in a cool, dry place between 62 - 72 degrees.

We use local and organic ingredients whenever possible, and the we use chocolate is sourced from Fair Trade certified or Direct Trade certified farms. Other chocolates we carry are committed to the same standards.

All of the chocolates we carry may contain trace amounts of major allergens, including but not limited to Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Dairy, and Wheat. When a piece or bar contains a major allergen, we do our best to make it known by including it in the piece name or description. We have entirely dairy-free collections or can make collections that avoid allergen ingredients entirely, but trace amounts are still possible. 

Ingredient lists are available upon request by sending us an email (firetypechocolate at gmail). Our selection is often greater than 100 items and changes weekly, so it may be helpful to narrow down your request by either letting us know what ingredients you're looking to avoid or sending us a list/photo of ones you've purchased. We'll do our absolute best to help you out!