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Summer Shipping

Shipping Chocolates In Summer

It's hot out there, and most chocolate really doesn't like heat! Most chocolate also really doesn't like being frozen, which means we can't use things like dry ice.

When you order chocolates from us between April and end of September, we cannot guarantee your order will not arrive melted. We can't control the weather, nor can we control how long shipping carriers keep packages in hot trucks.

During the Summer months, we'll:

-Pack your order in insulated materials.
-Include 1-2 ice packs

Shipping prices calculated at checkout are higher to account for the added weight of the materials and ice packs. If you live outside New England/New York, please opt for expedited shipping.

You'll be emailed a tracking number when your order ships -- please keep an eye on it! We also recommend shipping to an office if you have one as their mail rooms are usually kept cool!