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Birthday Cake Marshmallows - Wondermade

Birthday Cake Marshmallows - Wondermade

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WONDERMADE SAYS: Sprinkles sit atop our cake-inspired marshmallows for this delightful, celebratory treat. One of our year-round best sellers, they're perfect birthday presents or just great pick-me-ups for any day that needs some sprinkles. All of our marshmallows are made with real cane sugar, for a crisper "sweet" and a better aftertaste. Gluten-Free and made with Kosher ingredients. Each box of 16 marshmallows is packaged in lovingly letter-pressed, American-made paper.

WE THINK: Here's the thing about birthday's objectively a good flavor. Always. Wondermade's mallows are sprinkle-spangled with celebratory confetti with perfectly springy texture. The perfect energy boost on a slow Tuesday afternoon.

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