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Bourbon Marshmallows - Wondermade

Bourbon Marshmallows - Wondermade

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WHAT THEY SAY: Known for its sweet body and warm aroma, bourbon from the finest of Kentucky's distillers makes a seamless shift into these delicious whisky treats. All of our marshmallows are made with real cane sugar, for a crisper "sweet" and a better aftertaste. Gluten-Free and made with Kosher ingredients. Each box of 16 marshmallows is packaged in lovingly letter-pressed, American-made paper.

WHAT WE THINK: Look: you're a grown-up now (I assume). That means you can do what you want when you dang well please. Get fast food at 4 AM! Eat ice cream for dinner! Dance in your PJs! Have marshmallows made with Maker's Mark! Only one of those things we can help with, though.

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