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Luisa Abram

Luisa Abram - Rio Iaco Wild Cocoa 81%

Luisa Abram - Rio Iaco Wild Cocoa 81%

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Luisa Abram says:

Flavor Notes

Light chocolate, low acidity that can be felt at the end of the tasting, caramel notes, buttery texture.

Product Description

With the decline of the Rubber Cycle in Brazil, which occurred in the early 1990s, cocoa collection emerged as a survival alternative for 50 families from Associação Amopecema, who inhabited the Amapá, Santa Ana, Tabatinga and Canamari rubber plantations, within the Choco Mendes extractive reserve, in the municipality of Sena Madureira, State of Acre. Cocoa is harvested along the Iaco River where, with the help of ICMBio and the NGO SOS Amazônia, two processing centers were built and training and technical assistance provided for their management. In addition to cocoa, these families live by growing beach beans, tobacco, bananas and flour production, in addition to raising chickens, pigs and livestock. Cocoa extraction plays an important role in keeping the forest standing,

The package comes with two bars of 40g each packed separately, totaling 80g of chocolate. So you don't need to open your chocolate all at once and you can consume it with 100% quality at another time!

Ingredients: Organic Sugar | Wild cocoa | Amazon cocoa butter


Does not contain gluten
Does not contain lactose
May contain traces of milk, Brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts and pistachios.

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